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PURCHASE / SALE of property or Refinance of your current mortgage

$1,000.00, SALE $1,200.00.

​When you hire my firm, you will be dealing with me the entire transaction. I will read your title and ensure all outstanding title issues are dealt with, I will review the entire purchase contract and negotiate the most favorable terms for you, I will handle all finance related issues, I will handle any questions that you might have for me. The price for the Sell side is slightly hire because the Seller's attorney is responsible for drafting the Sales Contract, the Deed and the Transfer Tax paperwork. Other firms might charge less but you are truly dealing with me the entire time and won't be meeting or speaking to me for the first time at the closing. This is a promise. Money back Guarantee if you do not deal with me the entire process. Rates only apply to 1-4 family homes, Co-Ops or Condos. Please call us for other rates.


​The bank has an Attorney representing their interest at the closing, so should you. I represent you at the closing and explain each and every document that you are signing. 

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​landlord tenant 

I represent both Landlords and Tenants in court proceedings. I will guide you through the entire process and appear at every court appearance myself.