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Are you looking to start a new business? If so you will have many important decisions to make. How will you structure your business?  What kind of insurance coverages will you need? You will need assistance with your lease review.                                

If you hire me we will discuss that kind of entity will make sense for you and then proceed to legal form such entity. Should you structure yourself as an S-Corporation versus a Limited Liability Corporation? There are plenty of decisions to be made and I will guide you the process.

The landlord will have someone drafting a lease to ensure his or her interests are protected thus you should also have that same protection. I will review your lease and ensure you understand it thoroughly prior to signing it. We will negotiate the lease so that your interests are represented in the agreement.

Will you be hiring employees? You will need to know what kinds of Insurance protection the state requires. You will also need to know about other labor laws to ensure you are not finding yourself in the midst of any legal issues down the road.

I will help you from the formation of your company down to the opening of such business by addressing any legal questions that may arise. 

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