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When you hire me I will handle your case from it's inception. You will always be dealing with me. I do not pass my clients off to my assistants. I give each and every case my undivided attention. ​

About my law Firm

my name is elias Malikouzakis. please read below to learn a little about me and how I run my practice. hiring an attorney is a big decision thus I provided some information about myself. 

We’re On Your Side

Please contact Site name for a free initial consultation. Experienced representation is just a phone call away.


I do not make promises I cannot keep. If I cannot help you then I will let you know to go elsewhere. My reputation is everything to me thus if I am not doing right by my clients, I am hurting my own name and the reputation of my firm. ​


We are all people. Regardless of your issue, I never lose track of the fact that you are a person in need of legal assistance. I am here to try and resolve whatever legal situation you are facing in the most compassionate way possible. I am not just a lawyer but am a true people person. I love helping people. ​


I have been practicing law since 2012. I have extensive knowledge of the areas of law in which I practice.

Impacting Lives

My name is Elias Malikouzakis. I am an Attorney who truly loves helping my clients. If I do not leave you in a better situation than the one that brought you to seek my legal services then I have not done my job. I am truly here to help you with your legal issue.