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Although none of us likes to contemplate any circumstances that involve our own death we must always be prepared for the absolute worst to ensure our loved ones are taken care of according to our wishes. 

If you hire me to draft your will we will have a discussion to understand what kinds of possessions or interests can be passed to our heirs through a Last Will and Testament. We will then discuss how you would like to distribute those possessions. We will also discuss the handling of any minors, guardianship issues, trusts that need to be established for the protection of such minors. The next step is for me to draft your Will, this step will be followed by a review and explanatory process and once you are satisfied and fully understand how your Will protects your heirs we will commence with the witness and execution of the Will. After the Will has been fully executed I will file the Will with the proper Surrogate Court so that it will remain on file until the time comes and it needs to be unveiled. 

When you hire me to draft your Will I will also include a Health Care Proxy and Durable Power of Attorney if that is of interest to you. A Health Care Proxy allows you to choose a person who can make medical decisions on your behalf if it becomes medically necessary to do so. This is not something we like to think about, however we must make sure our final wishes are carried out according to our interests and not that of the State or some relative that is imposing his or her beliefs on our medical issues. A Durable Power of Attorney is a vital document to have if accounts are held in more than one name. Unlike a regular Power of Attorney which is only valid for a specific transaction and requires the party granting such Power to be of competent mental state a Durable Power of Attorney grants general power and remains in full force regardless of the grantor’s mental capacity.

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